Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth


Creating a silhouette is an easy technique to learn and useful in a lot of different situations. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t work well if you are trying to create a portrait … but in nature and architecture, you can create a little bit of magic with very little effort.

Silhouettes may make photographs appear “black and white” even though they are in color. The effect is easily achieved with the light source behind your subject.


dreamcatcher silhouette


All you need to do to get a silhouette is take your light reading on the brightest part of the scene or object. The dark part will got even darker and you can slightly increase contrast in post processing if you want to make it a true silhouette with no detail.

Voila! Silhouettes!

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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth


As part of Betty’s Garden, the phlox stands almost a foot taller than any other flower. I’ve always loved phlox. Sturdy perennials, willing to tolerate shade, drought. Insect resistant and colorful.


They look like wildflowers and come in a whole rainbow of colors. Purple and white are traditional, but I have seen them in shades of red, pink, and blue.


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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

A Reading from the Book of Harry Potter by Harold, an organized man

All morning it sat on the table calling to him in a fantastical sort of way and Harold did his best to ignore it. It wasn’t really “calling” of course, but Harold could not get “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” out of his mind. It was the library copy that kept stealing his attention and he was tempted to head out to the library a bit early to resume the tale. He knew leaving early was unacceptable to his schedule, so the story of the boy wizard would just have to wait until early afternoon.

He picked up the copy on Tuesday and after reading a little of the book, brought it home so he would have it for the next library day. Now that Thursday had come around, he could not help himself but feel a little anxious to…

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Sunday Slideshow: Frog Jump Festival

that cynking feeling

I recently had a birthday, a fact I leveraged to convince Peter we should all go to the 53rd Annual Valley City Frog Jump Festival last Sunday at Mill Stream Park.

Frog jumping – that’s funny, am I right? Well, the folks in Valley City take it quite seriously. Spectators set up tents and bring their own lawn chairs and refreshments. I saw dozens of people carrying five gallon buckets and other containers in which they had brought their own frogs. The late morning sun was so hot, I was wishing I had my own tent – or else my own bucket of water to dunk my head in.

Since the beautiful sunshine was hot, we only stayed an hour. In that time, we focused mainly on entertaining Philip. First, Philip explored the PNC “Grow Up Great” mobile learning center. Then after checking out the other vendors and displays, we…

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